Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Gazebos

by Rebecca Duffy 09/08/2019

After a typical, long day, everyone wants to cool off one way or the other. Outdoor decks provide a unique recreational experience that enhances luxury living. However, gazebos without lighting are limited to use only in the day. With proper lighting, you can extend the use and pleasure of your gazebo well into the evening. 

Another thing lighting your outside deck does is that it adds a layer of security and gives a feeling of safety. Outdoor space with good lighting will be more attractive when the sun sets.

There are different plans out there to get the best-suited lighting pattern for any gazebo and save energy at the same time. In this post, you will find a couple of outdoor lighting ideas to make your gazebos more inviting and comfortable at night.

Consider step or deck path lights

Lighting fixtures can be placed vertically on the edge of steps or elevated floors. Doing this illuminates movement throughout the deck and yard. It also allows a comfortable view from inside the house. You can use lighting fixtures such as surface mounts, flush mounts, weatherproof LED and path lights.

Strap enough downlights

Chances are your gazebo holds a small dining space which many couples prefer because of intimacy. In such situations, downlights hanging from walls can do the trick. These fixtures can be anchored on patio roofs and trees as well. Just fit them where they give off the right intensity of soft light.

Light up the rails

The railings can be spiced up with decorative rail lights. Balustrades are a top choice and can complement other lighting fixtures you use. Also, you can decide to attach post caps to your rails. It's your outdoor deck, make it comfortable as comfy can be.

Line the deck with LED ribbons or tape lights

Recessed lighting emphasizes the shape and color pattern of things in your gazebo. When used in the right position(s), waterproof LED tapes help to add more details. They can come in different colors depending on your taste, and they last long as well.

Hang the big guys – chandeliers and pendants

Chandeliers hanging from the ceiling can light up a gazebo in a unique way. Crystal chandeliers are pricey. Alternatively, you can go for a brass-made type with glass shades. Pendant lights can be made of hammered glass or wire. Matching these two lights will yield a lovely decorative result.

Final thoughts

There's room to play around these ideas until your desired picture of a lit gazebo is real. Whichever design or combination of approaches you choose, ensure the electrical works are professional and weatherproof. Instead of creating glitches here and there, consider hiring an expert to handle your lighting project.

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