How to be a Good Neighbor

by Rebecca Duffy 08/25/2019

Every neighborhood has its distinct personalities. While some are quiet, others throw parties every weekend. The same can be attributed to a neighbor too! In every neighborhood, everyone knows those neighbors with rowdy kids who can't stay off other people's lawns or the one who barely speak to others. And don't forget about the one who can't keep their nose out of other neighbor’s business. Neighbors come in different shapes and sizes, but everyone wishes to have a good one. 

But what makes a good neighbor? There is saying that goes like this: the friends you keep will have a significant impact on your life. This saying applies to the kinds of neighbors you have too. A good neighbor equals a good life, but to have a good neighbor the responsibility lies on you to be one yourself. Follow these simple rules to make yourself a better neighbor.

Be friendly

You don't have to open the door to everyone or become best friends with everyone. However, a simple smile at your neighbor when they drive by or saying good morning when you see them on your way out to work will earn you a 10/10 on the good neighbor scorecard. 

Be neat

No one likes seeing a cluttered yard. Even if you don't mind if your yard is messy, try to be courteous to your neighbors who do. Mow your lawn often and ensure shrubs or weeds from your yard don't creep into your neighbor's. Earn good neighbor points by voluntarily picking up litter around the area. These courtesies will send the right message and will get others involved too. Remember a clean neighborhood is a pleasant neighborhood. 

Mind the noise

Being quiet does not mean you should be completely silent, but do not play music at odd hours. Avoid mowing your lawn as early as 7 AM on the weekend. Wait till 8 or 9 AM because you might disturb the sleep of others. Also, don't hammer a nail into the wall in the middle of the night. A general rule of the thumb is to avoid unnecessary noise in the wee hours of the morning and late at night.

Give a helping hand

Help your neighbor babysit their kids or give them a hand if you notice they are having a tough time mowing their lawn.

Show respect when using the street.

Anytime you exit or enter the street, always slow down. You never can tell if there are kids and pets in the area. Also, keep your driveway clear where possible.

Being a good neighbor is an advantage when it comes time to sell too. Many potential homebuyers speak with neighbors about the home they intend to purchase. If you have close friends in your neighborhood, make sure your real estate professional knows about them too.

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